Chinese dress culture

Clothing is the unique product of human labor, it is not only the crystallization of material civilization, but also has the meaning of spiritual civilization. After zero years of obscurity, barbarism and civilization, human society has moved slowly. After bowing to the apes, our ancestors, clothed in animal skins and leaves, lingered in the wind and rain for countless years, and finally stepped into the threshold of civilization with difficulty, and learned to cover their bodies and warm their bodies, create a material civilization. However, the pursuit of beauty is human nature, dress in people, such as gold in the Buddha, its role is not only in body covering warm body, but also has the function of beautification. Almost from the day the origin of clothing, people have their customs, aesthetic tastes, color preferences, as well as a variety of cultural attitudes, religious concepts, are deposited in the clothing, has become the clothing culture and spiritual civilization connotation.

“The question of whether a cultural project is the result of foreign infiltration or is the product of independent invention by nature is crucial for those who value historical heritage and for those who use comparative research methods,” says American anthropologist ying-fei. We can say for sure that in all cultures, more than 90 percent of the content first appears in the form of cultural infiltration.” To understand the variety of styles, unique style, bright colors and exquisite craftsmanship of Chinese clothing, the first topic should be a little shallow understanding of the Chinese nation’s broad and profound clothing culture development track, so that through browsing, to deliberately explore the Chinese clothing culture inside story.

A light-colored Mao suit worn by Zhou Enlai at the 1955 asia-africa conference

The achievements of archaeology and Paleoanthropology since the founding of the People’s Republic of China have scientifically traced the origin of costume culture back to the caveman stage of Primitive Upper Paleolithic. Even more distant before that, humans began to cover their bodies and keep warm with hides from their hunts. In summer they pick leaves to shade the sun from the heat. This marks the beginning of the emergence of primitive human clothing from the realm of animals. And the clothing culture which is characterized by sewing process found in the remains of the cave people. At this time the clothing is no longer a simple use of natural materials, but evolved to meet the needs of human life structure, creating the Chinese national clothing culture.

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